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What Is the Watson?
One Year
Independent Study
Graduating Seniors

Program History
Thomas J. Watson     Foundation
Where Can I Go?
Expectations of a Fellow

Watson Videos
Going Solo: The Watson

Memories and Motives:

    Thomas J. Watson, Jr.
    with Walter Cronkite

Where Can I Go? What Can I Do?
You must leave the U.S. (and your home country, if different from the U.S.) for 12 months.

You may not travel to countries with U.S. State Department Travel Warning or under U.S. Department of the Treasury Embargo.

You should be challenged by your project, yet it should be feasible. For examples, look at the current fellows' projects.

Returning to places where you've studied or lived before is usually not a good idea. The Watson experience should be, in some sense, a new one.

You can propose a project on almost any topic. Fellowships are open to any student regardless of college major, ethnic background, race, or sex.

You should think about how feasible your project is. Consider your language ability, as well as the stipend amount, time constraints, and the personal significance of your project.

Can you find the people or animals or things you want to see, and will you be able to have access to them?

You do not need to be an expert on your project, but you should be well informed about it.

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