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What Is the Watson?
One Year
Independent Study
Graduating Seniors

Program History
Thomas J. Watson     Foundation
Where Can I Go?
Expectations of a Fellow

Watson Videos
Going Solo: The Watson

Memories and Motives:

    Thomas J. Watson, Jr.
    with Walter Cronkite

What is Expected of a Watson Fellow?
As a Watson Fellow, you must:

Request prior approval before spending more than $1,000 of the
   fellowship stipend on equipment.
Submit quarterly reports.
Submit a final report and financial accounting within 30 days of your
Remain outside of the U.S. for the full fellowship year (and the home
    country, if not the U.S.)
Represent the Fellowship Program, your college, and your country
Notify the Fellowship Office of significant changes in itinerary or in
   the scope or focus of the project.

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