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Alumni Directory

Watson Alumni on
Mark Barden Oberlin College
20th Century Perspectives of Alfred Schnittke:
Russia, England, Germany

Kathryn Rebecca Barush Sarah Lawrence College
Further Illuminated: The Buddhist and Christian Manuscript Tradition:
Greece, Russia, Tibet, India

Lindsay Anne Berg Connecticut College
It's All About the Food: The Palette of the Jewish Diaspora:
South Africa, Australia, Greece, Canada

Ari Berland Pomona College
An Ice Odyssey: The Cultural Geography of Ice:
Russia, Greenland, Finland, Sweden, New Zealand

Joshua Evan Blumenstock Wesleyan University
Outreach or Evangelism? Integrating Technology into Unexposed Communities:
China, South Africa, Cape Verde, Argentina, Costa Rica

Emily A. Bosk Vassar College
Invisible Theater and Other Forms of Social Drama: Dialogue with Boal's Work:
Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, England

Molly J. Bruder Carleton College
Understanding the Stitches: Appliqué in an Era of Marginalization:
Vietnam, Chile, Panama, Canada

Jennifer Ann Carlile Wellesley College
Multimedia Technology in Experimental Theater and Performance Art:
Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Belgium

Daniel G. Chiacos Colby College
Searching for the Soul of Charango in Latin American Folk Music:
Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador

Robert A. Chisholm Middlebury College
Fishing Places, Fishing People: Inshore Community-based Fisheries Management:
Philippines, Costa Rica, Australia, Kenya

Kristopher J. Clemmons College of the Holy Cross
Behind the Beat: Contemporary Use of the Drum:
Mali, Ghana, Jamaica

Buck DeFore University of Puget Sound
The Abyss Gazes Also Into You: Living With the Legend of a Lake Monster:
Canada, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Scotland, Norway

Katherine McCallum Dika Rhode Island School of Design
Designing With Oceania's Insects in Mind:
Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand

Hollis A. Easter Swarthmore College
Auld Tunes and New: Bagpipe Music:

Agnes Maria Flak Washington and Lee University
Story of Forced Displacement: Images and Narratives from a Migrant's Life:
Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Kenya, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Australia, Mexico

Kristine Lynn Grayson Davidson College
Extreme Turtles:
Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Africa, Seychelles

Kaitlin A. Gregg Middlebury College
Harnessing Hope: Sustainable Cities and the Earth Charter:
Australia, Costa Rica, Italy, Spain, New Zealand

Tatiana Grigorenko Amherst College
Emerging from Ashes: Photography and Memory in the Former Soviet Republics:
Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan

Anthony Demain Honeycutt Berea College
The Art and Science of Guitar Crafting:
Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil

Huy Viet Huynh Hamilton College
Acculturation in New Nations: The Vietnamese Refugees:
Thailand, Russia, Germany, France, Philippines

Courtney R. Jones Spelman College
Growing a New Generation: The Influence of Grassroots Organizations:
Jamaica, Brazil

Irene Keliher Scripps College
A Market for Dignity: Indigenous Communities and Fair Trade Coffee:
Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia

Joseph Robert Klim Ursinus College
On the Piste, Off the Piste, and Everything In-between:
New Zealand, Japan, Austria, Norway

Mary Kotschwar University of Puget Sound
Of Lemurs, Land, and Lore: The Sociocultural Niche of a Flagship Species:

David LaFevor Rhodes College
Adding Spice to the Sweet Science: The Cultural Dimensions of Amateur Boxing:
Russia, Turkey, Spain, Peru, Great Britain

Christopher Russell LaRosa Hamilton College
Shaping Media: Evolution through Communication Technology:
Tanzania, Uganda, Mexico, Slovenia, Finland

Nori Lupfer Union College
Circuses and Stunts: Photography of Entertainment in Motion:
Brazil, Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Russia

Emily Rose Martin Williams College
Religious Responses to HIV/AIDS:
South Africa

Emily McNair Bard College
Exploring the Lands of Honey: Beekeeping Around the World:
Argentina, Tunisia, Slovakia, New Zealand, Vietnam

Arthur Middleton Bowdoin College
Falconry, Ancient and Modern:
Ireland, Scotland, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, South Africa

Kelly M. Miller Colby College
Persuasive Pentecostalism:

William Douglas Neville Davidson College
What's Past is Prologue: Contemporary Stages and the Classical Western Canon:
Greece, Ireland, England, France, Netherlands

Heather Pfaff Rice University
Illumination: Investigating Natural Light in Religious Structures:
Finland, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Norway

Hai-Dang Phan Grinnell College
Trans-planted and -lated Selves: The Poetry of Exile:
England, France, Australia

Paul Roquet Pomona College
Acoustic Ecology: Sound and Society:
Tonga, Bhutan, Brunei, Mauritius, Nepal

Matthew Christensen Schreiber Earlham College
Post-Communist Rock Climbing and the Cultural Construction of Wilderness:
Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, China, Laos, Slovenia

Sural Kiran Shah Bryn Mawr College
Sirens and Lights: Emergency Medicine Around the World:
Switzerland, Brazil, New Zealand, Hong Kong

Katharine Shaw Bates College
NGOs and Labor Unions: Defining and Promoting Workers' Rights:
Thailand, Poland, England

Suzanne Zito Slezak Wellesley College
Spinning Around the World: Exploring Hand Spinning with Natural Fibers:
Guatemala, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Thailand

Rachel Smith Whitman College
Seasons of Fire: Exploring Wildfire Suppression and Forest Conservation:
South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, France, England, Costa Rica

Joseph Wladimir Stoller Reed College
Contact Improvisation: Creating, Expressing and Communicating Differences:
Netherlands, Germany, France, Finland, Argentina, Japan, Taiwan

Vincent Valdmanis Bard College
Control Matrix: The Global Reach of Electronic Surveillance:
England, Hong Kong, Denmark, India, Netherlands

Ansel D. Wallenfang Lawrence University
Conventions of Asian Music: A Study of Traditions through the Tabla and Erhu:
China, India

Alexandra V. Wang Middlebury College
The Role of the Violin and its Indigenous Variations from East to West:
Mongolia, India, Turkey, Senegal, Ecuador

Scott Whinfrey Whitman College
Classical Frontiers of Working Cowboys in a Post-modern World:
Mexico, Australia

Kelli Anne Wong Colgate University
Tracing the History, Development and Variations of the Game of Chess:
China, Hong Kong, India, Spain, Italy, Russia

Zachary Powell Yorke Amherst College
An Artistic and Anthropological Investigation of Racial Reconciliation:
South Africa, Australia

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