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Alumni Directory

Watson Alumni on

Paul Abelsky Amherst College
Construction of Spiritual Space in Islam and Christianity:
Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Morocco, Tunisia, Spain, Uzbekistan, Turkey, France, Italy

John Arvizu Pomona College
Popular Art, Memory and Identity of the Mayan World:
Guatemala, Mexico

C. Michael Atkin California Institute of Technology
Explorations in Time:
Belize, Guatemala, Morocco, Tanzania

Nicholas Baumgartner Oberlin College
Bach Interpretation at the Close of the Millennium:
United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Germany

David Bender Carleton College
The Role of the Press in the Middle East:
Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Israel

Kimmy Brown Morehouse College
The Effect of Governmental Policy on Juvenile Crime and Behavior:
United Kingdom, Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore

David J. Cooper College of Wooster
The Journey to the Center:
Pilgrimage and Monasticism: India, Nepal, United Kingdom, Israel

John E. Cox Berea College
Traditional Irish Woodwinds:
Ireland, United Kingdom

Daniel Darling College of Wooster
The Methodologies, Audience and Culture of Chinese Juggling:
People's Republic of China

Marian E. Drake Bates College
Art and Arts Funding:
Romania, Senegal

Sylvia R. Englund Williams College
Rain Forest Biology and Conservation:
Costa Rica

Chris A. Fleming Berea College
Ethnobotany and Dependence on Plants:
Ecuador, Bolivia

Elizabeth Gabriel Rice University
Cultural Fiestas:

John H. Germany Rice University
Flyfishing Latin America:
Argentina, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras

Aracelis K. Girmay Connecticut College
An Epic Poem and Oral Histories:
Ghana, Puerto Rico

Miguela Gonzalez Spelman College
Transcribing Traditional Folksongs:
Ghana, The Gambia

Erin Gott College of the Atlantic
Cultures Through the Eyes of the Falconer:
South Africa, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, Spain, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Megan E. Hankins Middlebury College
Natural Environments and Zoo Architecture:
Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia

Jolene R. Hubbs Scripps College
The City of the Cemetery:
Italy, United Kingdom, France

Christopher J. Johnson Rice University
Implications for Sustainable Development in Indigenous and Majority Cultures:
New Zealand, Thailand, Ecuador, Canada

Tanner K. Johnson Colgate University
National Identity and the Performing Arts:

James Kapsis Haverford College
Negotiating Identity and Building Trust:
Cyprus, Israel, United Kingdom

David Y. Kim Amherst College
Funerary Art:
Mexico, Madagascar, Thailand

Melissa Kronenthal Newcomb College
Preservation of Communities and Language Policy:
Spain, Peru

Jennifer B. Lorenz Wellesley College
Mother-Daughter Relationships:
Niger, Mali

John M. Mauro Middlebury College
Creation Stories in the Perception of the Natural World:
Ghana, Australia, Bhutan

Daniel A. Meyers Whitman College
Uillean Pipes in Irish Traditional Music:
Ireland, United Kingdom

Adella Mikkelsen Colby College
Notions of Fate and the Future in the Chinese Almanac:
Taiwan, Singapore, People's Republic of China

Jonathan Morris University of the South
Athletics to Acting in Movement Theatre:
France, United Kingdom, Bali, Canada

Christopher Nash Hamilton College
Technology.world: The Internet and Information Infrastructures:
France, Portugal, Singapore, Federated States of Micronesia, Tuvalu

Kathleen J. Noss Lawrence University
African-Influenced Music and Dance:
Bolivia, Peru, Haiti

Rebecca H. Padnos Wellesley College
Weaving in the Andes Mountains:
Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru

Luis Felipe Perez Williams College
The Public School in Society:
Mexico, South Africa, Taiwan

Emily D. Porter Vassar College
Buddhist Nuns in Transition:
People's Republic of China, Nepal, India, Taiwan

Justin R. Ritzinger Lawrence University
Pilgrimage to China:
Taiwan, Singapore, People's Republic of China

Carl Robichaud Wesleyan University
Armenian Identities:
France, Turkey, Israel, Italy, Armenia

Melissa Rocklen Wesleyan University
Mask Traditions and Production:
Ghana, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Bali

Sky Y. Rogers Earlham College
Evolution of Snowboarding from Cult to Mainstream:
Chile, Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand

Brigitte Roth California Institute of Technology
Busker or Bust: Street Performers' Lives:
United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France

Stephanie C. Saldana Middlebury College
Writing within the Christian Millenium:
Italy, Israel

Sara J. Schonfeld Hamilton College
Children with Special Needs:
Poland, Russia, Romania

Benjamin Schonthal Bowdoin College
Lunar Festivals and Spirituality:
India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Israel, Sri Lanka

Emily E. Setina Davidson College
Celtic Poetry and Photography
United Kingdom, Ireland

David A. Seymour Earlham College
Marginal Rhythms in Latin Dance:
Brazil, Argentina

Amit Shah Bowdoin College
The Experiences and Creative Expressions of Orphans:
United Kingdom, Sri Lanka

Sarah Shapard Harvey Mudd College
Attitudes Toward Aging:
Australia, United Kingdom, India, Kenya

Katherine J. Solon Rice University
Icelandic Sagas and the Lack of Landscape:
Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Greenland, United Kingdom

N. Scott Stedman Union College
Past and Present: A Screenplay on Walter Benjamin:
Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Russia, France

Kristina A. Steenson University of the South
The Biomedical and Traditional Cultures of Childbirth:
Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil

Margot Stiles Vassar College
The Tradition, Ecology and Community of Fisheries:
New Zealand, Chile, South Africa

Margaret L. Taylor Grinnell College
Space, Place and Identity in the European Circus:
United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Switzerland

Haroon K. Ullah Whitman College
The Culture of Futbol:
India, Israel, Cameroon, Brazil

Noam Unger Swarthmore College
Filming Midday on the Tenth Parallel:
Costa Rica, Venezuela, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Ghana, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand

Jennifer J. Uyeda Occidental College
The Emergence of a Universal Taiko:
Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia

Rory Van Loo Pomona College
Cyberquest: Social Implications of the Web:
Costa Rica, India, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, Senegal

Tessa K. Van Til Amherst College
Neolithic Burial Practices:
Turkey, United Kingdom, Malta

Gabriel F. Weiss Reed College
Capturing Plum Blossoms in Chinese Diaspora:
Malaysia, Philippines, Australia

Andris I. Zobs Connecticut College
Maritime Culture and Wooden Boatbuilding:
Anguilla, Bequia, The Grenadines, Carriacou, Grenada, Belize, Greece, Turkey

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