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Alumni Directory

Watson Alumni on

Annemarie Ackerman: Macalester College
Documenting the Portuguese Empire: Photography in the Lusophone World:
Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, India, Portugal

Brooke C. Basinger: Harvey Mudd College
International Concepts in Roller Coaster Design:
England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Brazil, Mexico

Danielle Camille Brown: Trinity College
Jazz Musicians in Europe:
England, France, Switzerland

George Willcox Brown: The University of the South
The Relevance of the Monastic Life in Contemporary Christian Culture:
Egypt, Greece, Spain, England

Rosebud Buruku: Haverford College
The Business Practices and Ideals of Chinese Business People in Chinatowns:
Russia, Thailand, Australia, Brazil, Peru

Scott Cameron : Washington and Lee University
Educational Exploration: The Cultural Elements of Learning and Teaching:
England, South Africa, Australia, Argentina

Julianne Carney: Lawrence University
Modern Legacies of Historic European Violin Schools:
Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, France, England

Benjamin Wesley Carter: Davidson College
Ahimsic Krishi: Culture and Agriculture:
China, Ghana, Peru

Joshua D. Chamberlain: Washington and Lee University
Instrument of the Soul: Singing My Way Through the World:
Tuva, Saamiland, Rajasthan, Morocco, Ireland

Kendall Collier: Hendrix College
The Unlikely Leader: Leadership Styles of Empowered Women:
Argentina, South Africa, India, Nepal, Vanuatu

David Scott Cunningham: Hendrix College
The Acadian Legacy: Exploring the State of Modern Descendents of the Acadians:
Canada, France, St. Dominigue, Martinique, Falkland Islands

Nicole Darling : Vassar College
Photography of Dance:
Thailand, Cambodia, Laos

Tabitha Decker: Wellesley College
Challenging Gender: The Emergence of Women Taxi Drivers:
Malaysia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa

Christian George DuComb: Haverford College
The Play as Landscape: Relationships Among Audience, Performer, and Performance Space:
Scotland, England, Japan

Sonali Duggal: Amherst College
Invisible No More: Organizing Home-Based Workers:
Turkey, England, South Africa, Chile

Taha Ebrahimi: Whitman College
In Search of Woman: Unveiling Her Stories:
Saudi Arabia, England, France, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Ivory Coast, Benin, Australia

Lindsey Fransen: Wesleyan University
Conservation with a Human Face: Reconciling Agriculture with Nature:
Jamaica, Bolivia, Uganda, Philippines

Gabriel J. Garcia: Pitzer College
Racial Constructs within Deaf Communities:
Panama, Venezuela, Jamaica, South Africa, Spain

Melanie S. Gipp: Macalester College
Medicine and Magic: Medicinal Folklore: Brazil, Argentina

Ruth Goldstein: Wesleyan University
Implementing the Cairo Programme of Action for Women's Reproductive Rights:
Egypt, South Africa, Uganda, Mali

Adam R. Goss: Wesleyan University
Scornful Mother: The Active Volcano as Cultural Nurturer and Destroyer:
Costa Rica, Italy, Montserrat, Cameroon

Nicholas Max Handler: Pomona College
Listening to the Last Places on Earth:
Tristan da Cunha, Kerguelen Island, Pukapuka

Elizabeth Harper: Middlebury College
Exploring the Diversity of Tropical Frogs:
Tanzania, Guyana, Thailand

Alexander Y. Hartman: Occidental College
The Effects of Globalization on National and Ethnic Identity:
Cyprus, France, Britain, Romania

Jared Winston Hickman: Bowdoin College
The Magic Worldview of Latin American Folk Catholicism:
Spain, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia

Molly Owens Holmberg: Middlebury College
Mapping Footsteps: Travel Routes of Rural, Highland Communities:
Peru, Mongolia, Madagascar

Jacqueline D. Johnson: Colby College
The Contemporary Art of Madagascar and the French Antilles:
Madagascar, La Reunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Tahiti, New Caledonia

Stefan Kamola: Oberlin College
Voices of the Land: Sound Mimesis in Tuvan Throat Singing:

Summer Storm Kingery: Knox College
Education in Zoos: An International Perspective:
Belize, Ireland, England, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand

Adam Kowit : Oberlin College
Through Food-Tinted Lenses: Relationships Between People and Food:
Japan, Italy

Kraig Harris Kraft: Reed College
Third World Farmers' Attitudes toward Agricultural Biotechnologies:
Peru, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil

Noah David Krell: College of the Atlantic
Modern Piercing Culture: A Photographic Study of Identity:
England, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand

Derek Law: Berea College
Monastic Gardens and the Contemplative Practice of Labor:
England, Belgium, France, India, Japan

Jennifer C. Lawton: Kenyon College
Dancing the Gypsy Trail: The Evolution of Flamenco:
India, Turkey, Spain, Morocco

Francis A. Macdonald: California Institute of Technology
The Great Crater Hunt:

Matthew J. Magee: Grinnell College
Hepatitis C Virus in Rural and Urban Populations:
Italy, Egypt, India

Katy Montgomery: Hendrix College
Spirituality and Sustainability in Ecovillages Around the World:
Australia, India, Italy, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark

Andrew Mountcastle: Bowdoin College
The Cultural Response to Whale and Dolphin Strandings:
The Azores, Scotland, The Faroe Islands, Norway, New Zealand

Noelle Iles Nicholson: Trinity College
Fishing Village Cooperatives Confront Large Resort Tourism:
Brazil, Portugal, Cape Verde

Kevin O'Neil: Swarthmore College
Volunteer Firefighters and Their Relationship to Community:
Chile, New Zealand, Philippines

Brent H. Otto: College of the Holy Cross
The Faces of Catholic Education:
India, Sri Lanka

Darya V. Pollak: Rice University
Jewish Communities in the Southern Cone:
Chile, Uruguay

Anastasie Prokhorova: Union College
The Cultural Phenomenon of the "Wunderkind":
Germany, Italy, France, England, Austria, The Netherlands, Japan

Patrick W. Quayle: Rice University
Flying to New Heights: A Study of International Airports:
Canada, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Peru, Panama, Guatemala

Jonathan L. K. Reiber: Middlebury College
Faith-Based Peacemaking Communities and the End of Estrangement:
South Africa, Italy, Northern Ireland

Isabella Sarkisyan: Bowdoin College
Bridging Borders: Young People Building Peace:
Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Macedonia, Republic of Georgia, South Africa

Ian M. Scott: The University of the South
Discovering a Sense of Place: Anthropology and Art in the Landscape:
Ireland, Switzerland, Senegal, Guadeloupe

Louisa Smith: Hamilton College
A Globalized World: An Exploration of the International Art Market:
England, France, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Australia

Jess Sotelo : University of Puget Sound
The Integration of Curanderismo and Western Medicine in Latin America: Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador

Justin B. Stein: Hamilton College
From Dharma to Dollars: The Commercialization of "Universal Energy":
India, Thailand, China

Louisa Dixon Stephens: Union College
Photographic Explorations: Pursuing the Sun:
Peru, Argentina, Portugal, Greece, Sweden

Sara Elizabeth Thorp: Earlham College
Reproductive Health Care: Context and Community:
Bolivia, Nicaragua, South Africa

Kevin Martin Tidwell: Rice University
Preservation Amidst Poverty: Impoverished Nations and Endangered Species:
Russia, South Africa, Uganda, Costa Rica

Theresa L. Tribble: Wellesley College
Ancianos, Wazee, Mga matanda: Cross-Cultural Encounters with the Elderly:
Costa Rica, Kenya, Philippines

Jason Lee Wilson: The University of the South
Automotive Design and Its Relationship to Culture:
England, Germany, Sweden, Italy

Abigail J. Youngblood: Bryn Mawr College
An Exploration of Sustainable Agriculture:
Social, Ecological, and Economic Realities: India, Kenya, Russia

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