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Alumni Directory

Watson Alumni on

Camilla Ammirati: Carleton College
Celtic Music and Its Context:
Ireland, United Kingdom

Andrea Arrington: Knox College
Womanhood in Africa: African Women Speak Out:
South Africa, Lesotho, Kenya, Gambia, Mauritius, Ghana, Burkina Faso

Benjamin D. Bagocius: Kenyon College
Masculinity, Femininity, and Figure Skating:
Canada, Russia, China, Japan, Sweden

Allison M. Ball: Austin College
The Role and Art of Traditional Shoemaking:
Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Tanzania, Turkey, Mongolia

Erin Kimberly Beery: Whitman College
The Role of Women as Seen Through Dance:
Ghana, Senegal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand

Amelia F. Berry: Middlebury College
The Steel Drum as Liberation:
Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados

Jonathan C. Borck: Rice University
An Engineer Explores Theatre:
United Kingdom

Benita Brahmbhatt: Macalester College
Incongruities of Indian Diasporic Cultures:
Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Mauritius, Fiji

Nathan Billings Bramhall: Colorado College
Fishing Treaties and Frontiers:
Senegal, Morocco

Anne Christine Braun Bryn Mawr College
Issues of Land Ownership:
Nepal, Antarctica, Botswana

David Burnett: Grinnell College
Technopreneurs: Making Asian Tigers Roar Again?
Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India

Kathryn B. Carlson: Wellesley College
Fiddling Traditions:
United Kingdom, Norway, Poland

Amanda M. Carr: Scripps College
Local Economic Exchange Systems:
Australia, New Zealand, India, Senegal

Rachel D. Cherry: Colgate University
Agricultural Workers and De-Collectivization:

Jonathan Curley: Oberlin College
Environment and Dialogue in Rural Communities:
Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala

Elizabeth Downey: University of the South
Gregorian Chant: Music and Faith:
United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria

David Doyle: Hendrix College
Dance as Expression and Therapy:
United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Japan

Michael Feigelson: Wesleyan University
Teaching the Disenfranchised:
Mexico, Romania, Zimbabwe

Kristen Mae Frederick: Bates College
Ancient Architecture: Evolution of Astronomical Thought:
United Kingdom, Peru, Mexico, Egypt, China

Michael John Griffin: Davidson College
The Art and Chemistry of Espresso Preparation:
Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Italy, Austria

Anna Hess: Swarthmore College
Botanical Drawings of Plant Adaptations:
Great Britain, Costa Rica, Australia

Zhao Huang: California Institute of Technology
The Mental Game of Fencing:
United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy

Kyoko Ikeda: Connecticut College
Memories of Japanese Occupation:

Micah Johnson: Berea College
The Evolution of Contemporary Socialism:
Germany, France

John William Kaiser: Occidental College
The Global Music Market:
Ireland, Jamaica, Ghana, Hong Kong

Aya T. Kanai: Oberlin College
Experimental Puppet Theater:
Japan, Czech Republic, Poland

Virginie Ladisch: Haverford College
Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation:
South Africa, Guatemala

Albert R. Leatherman, III: Williams College
Identity and Politics in the Gay Community:
France, United Kingdom, Netherlands

Kim Jing-Yei Lee: Carleton College
Integrated Management of Childhood Illness Programs:
Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal

Alison Madsen: Reed College
Women's Reproductive Health Decisions:
Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Nicaragua

Allegra M. McLeod: Scripps College
The Phenomenon of Cross-Gender Performance:
Japan, Italy, Brazil

Juan Mejia: Swarthmore College
Using Video to Transform Society:
Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile

Allison Michael: Williams College
Solutions for Women in Poverty: Grameen Bank and Co-operatives:
Bangladesh, Ghana

Joshua Miller: Macalester College
Cultural Immersion Through Traditional Music:
Australia, Ireland

Matthew B. Moore: Pomona College
In Search of Buddhist Activism:
France, India, Japan

Gillian Anne Morejon: Colby College
Communities of the Fishing Industry:
Chile, Philippines

Laura R. Murray: Wellesley College
The Emergence of Sex Worker Rights Organizations:
Dominican Republic, Ecuador, South Africa, Australia, Venezuela

Roshni Nirody: Washington and Lee University
Taming the Wanderer: Fate of Nomadism:
Mexico, Ireland, Japan

Patrick Nolen: Trinity College
Aging: Personal Values and Governmental Policy:
Ireland, France, South Africa

Uchechi Obichere : Colgate University
The Making of Memory in South Africa:
South Africa

Adam Orr: Trinity College
The Invasive Flatworm Problem:
New Zealand, United Kingdom

Teresa Sanghee Park: Claremont McKenna College
Tradition and Transition in Minority Communities:

Iris Chin Ponte: College of the Holy Cross
Preschool Practices: A Comparative Study:
United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan

Adina Racoviteanu: Middlebury College
Exploring Sacred Mountains:
Nepal, Tanzania, Cameroon, Peru, Bolivia

Lia Shimada: Wellesley College
Cultural Geography of Reforestation:
Ireland, Nepal, Madagascar

Mark Jacob Siedner: Hamilton College
The International Fight Against HIV:
Australia, Portugal, Senegal, Ukraine, Zimbabwe

Jenna R. Sigman: Middlebury College
Penguins: Catalysts for Conservation Awareness:
South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina

Adam Mackenzie Smith: Oberlin College
The Arts of the Arctic:
Siberia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland

Kenneth Spence: Morehouse College
Exploring Alternative Pest Controls:
Costa Rica, Ecuador

Jesse Stiles: Vassar College
Making Electronic Music:
United Kingdom, India

Matthew James Swarner: University of Puget Sound
Field Observations of the Bush Dog:
United Kingdom, Ecuador, Panama, Brazil

Mihaly Sztaray: Colgate University
Mysteries of the Argentine Tango:
Argentina, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Spain, France, Belgium, Finland

Demian Szyld: Wesleyan University
Approaches to the AIDS Epidemic:
Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa, Zimbabwe

Sylvester George Tan: University of the South
The Changing Face of Catholicism:
Kenya, Tanzania, India, Madagascar, Vietnam, Thailand

Michael Joseph Ward: Amherst College
Searching for a Modern Urban Utopia:

Emily Elisabeth Welty: College of Wooster
Transformative Conversations: Multifaith Dialogue:
Ireland, Israel, Palestine

Megan K. Williams: Grinnell College
The Dustbin of History: Monuments in Eastern Europe, 1945-2000:
Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Macedonia, The Baltics

Anupama Singh Yadav: Bryn Mawr College<
Crossing Borderlands: Improvisational Theatre:
India, South Africa, United Kingdom, Mexico

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