Cleveland Johnson, Director

The Thomas J. Watson Fellowship directorship rotates among former fellows, representing diverse careers and walks of life, who serve for a term of two or three years. From the world of higher education, Dr. Cleveland Johnson joined us in June 2008.  He is University Professor of Music History and past Dean of the School of Music at DePauw University. He holds a B.Mus. degree from the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music and a D.Phil. from Oxford University. As an educator he has devoted himself to the advancement of music in General Studies, in addition to his specialties in the keyboard music of the German Baroque and the music of South Asia.

As a Watson Fellow in 1977-78, he investigated the historic organs of Europe and the then nascent movements for their preservation, restoration, and use in historically-informed performance. The Watson Fellowship allowed him to be at the cutting edge of these developments and to build career-long relationships with others in the field. As a teacher, he has been able to communicate this Watson sense of global discovery to many students, both in the classroom and by leading student research and service projects to several international locations.



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